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Midlothian is a city in northwest Ellis County, Texas, United States. 1846, when Sam Houston finalized dating in arlington tx treaties between several of the indigenous inhabitants of the region and the Republic of Texas. The future Ellis County area of the young Republic of Texas was known as the Peters Colony, named for a Louisville, Kentucky-based land grant company consisting of English and American investors.

The young Republic empresario grant program encouraged settlements in North Texas in 1857. Among the earliest settlers, the area that would later become Midlothian included the families of William Alden Hawkins and Larkin Newton, who moved to the area in 1848. Peters Colony group, he was required to build a house on the property he chose along the mouth of Waxahachie Creek before July 1, 1848. Ellis County was officially established by the Texas legislature on December 20, 1849, on a bill sponsored by General Edward H. Tarrant, a popular Texas Ranger and Indian gunfighter during this period.