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Pros and Cons of Traveling Abroad with Babies, Kids or Teens! As many of you know, I’ve been traveling this year with our three daughters, ages 16, 15 and 9. One of the biggest pieces of learning for me has been how different it is to live abroad with a child as opposed to living abroad with teens. Often what I see written about family travel talks in a very general sense about traveling with kids but I think the differences deserve some emphasis for those of you planning to hit the road with children of different age levels. I don’t profess to be an expert but I’ll share with you some observations from our family travels over the years. Our earliest walker started at 7 months but some children don’t walk until well after their first birthdays. For the traveler, however, the ability to walk is an important differentiator.

Unable to walk, your child will be under your full control since you will carry them everywhere. There will be no need to worry about them running off into danger or getting lost. If you’re breastfeeding there will be little need for carrying extra food, bottles, etc. Your child won’t have an opinion about sight seeing so you’ll still be free to wander museums, etc. Your child will sometimes experience discomfort while traveling and may be difficult to console, so be prepared for irritated people on planes, trains, wherever they may be trapped into experiencing your baby’s screaming. Changing an explosive diaper while on a plane, train, etc.